Past Work - Samples in Digital Art

Work here includes a photograph of a charcoal drawing. Digital re-workings of the charcoal drawing are to the right. Both of the digital abstracts recieved an excellent review in the Ithaca Times. They were part of a Juried show at the State of the Art Gallery. To view them click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger picture. If you are looking at the enlarged images just do a mouse over in the upper right corner and click on the "X" to return to the thumbnail images here. The right pointing arrow will give you a slide show. Once on the page with the larger images you can also scroll through them there, as well, using the arrow midway down the larger picture without returning to this page. To navigate to other pages in this portfolio go to the page numbers listed at the bottom below these images.

Still Life
Crimson Shadows
Copper Dreams

Going Home

We deserve happiness. We deserve love. It is our heritage. We will find love and joy in our own hearts, in going home to God. God will lead us there. Let us laugh, love, live and learn. In our lively dance may we walk with God entirely present in each moment. Let us do what we love doing and be content knowing all will be restored.

Poems from My Blog

Snow Spring
Wind Song
Our Land
Some of my most popular short poems

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Summer Lightning

Popular Haiku

Here are three of my poems people on my Twitter feed really enjoyed..

a wind's soft rushing /
a gentle rain touches me /
silence descending

a thin reed captures /
in its solitary grace /
winter sun's bleak stare

a wind sweeps through stones /
striding through fallen branches /
my own wild cry soars


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